A Distorted Reality

As conceptual photographers, we see the world a little differently. So when we dreamt up the idea to create a book full of the most surreal images we could possible create, naturally we knew we would need to travel to the most surreal places on earth. With the help of our sponsors and people just like yourself, we’ll be making the journey to 18 different countries, creating conceptual imagery in the most dreamlike landscapes in existence. From the black sand beaches of Iceland, to the painted mountains of China, to the shipwrecked shores of Greece, we’ll be photographing each environment in a way it has never been seen before. We’ll be working with models, designers, hair and makeup artists to create the most extreme book of portraits we can possibly put together.



Each location will be highlighted with a two-page spread of the landscape itself, followed by unreleased individual images each of us have taken in that location. In addition, we’ll also be featuring behind-the-scenes steps for select images to help break down the process for developing conceptual photographers.

Of course the book is just the beginning – during the tour we’ll also be stopping in a select number of cities to teach photography workshops and speak at universities and schools on the importance of art and photography in the world today. For a complete list of locations, click here.

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